GoDaddy is a goliath among giants

GoDaddy is a goliath among giants in the web hosting industry. The company owns and maintains data centres and internet hardware connections since 1997.

Like most big-brand companies, GoDaddy packages come at a premium price, particularly with unlimited allowance plans working out more expensive than similar plans from their competitors. However, don't let this put you off, as there are packages available to suit all budgets.

Each hosting plan comes with GoDaddy statistics web site tools to help you keep an eye on how your page is hosted stage. The installation is completely free and includes access to GoDaddy Hosting Connection where you can interact with other users GoDaddy and find free applications to use on your website.

GoDaddy have 3 stages to their Linux shared hosting packages. The Go Daddy Economy Plan will give you 10GB storage, 300GB bandwidth, 100 email accounts, 10 MySQL databases, 25 sub domains and $45 worth of ad credits with Google and Microsoft. The Deluxe plan offers a lot more storage, 150GB worth and 1500GB bandwidth, plus 500 email accounts, unlimited web sites, 25 MySQL databases and $75 worth of ad credits.

GoDaddy touts its own proprietary control panel, which is a careful selection of task-centered menus all selectable by clicking on large, obvious buttons. Pretty basic and standard fare. Even it's not as good as the icon-based cPanel, it's still a not bad one.

GoDaddy has a variety of support options and support available and accessible at all times. The online support forum and FAQ are well organized and contain a wealth of knowledge for beginners and advanced users. The service representatives GoDaddy can also be contacted by phone or email. GoDaddy is a large company with thousands of users to help staff expected, would be slower than others.

GoDaddy have good support and reasonable pricing however you may want to shop around first as GoDaddy's control panel isn't the easiest to use. Either way they must be doing something right being one of the biggest hosting companies in the US.

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